Recent talk has it,of an African solution to African problems.AgE4RKMimS8M-l5vgiL1Yd78YjESNGkgFdXMPV4CWlOFIn the IT field, this would easily pass as an ailing slogan if not a cliche. Rather western world solution to African problems is what was and is the norm.Being the continent faced with a vast majority of challenges Africa should be a hot-bed of start-ups offering Tailor made solutions to African problems.But why is that the case? Crime,poverty, Corruption, Hunger and inadequate access to education are some of the biggest monsters still smiling at Africa, we believe all these mentioned evil can be fought and won through adoption of Technology in our day to day lives. What if with a single application a farmer in Trans-Nzoia (Kenya) was able to predict weather patterns and time his farming? What if by a single application civilians were able to upload and share pictures of instances of corruption thus exposing the people involved for the whole world to see and shun? life would indeed be different then. Famine would be taught in schools only during English lessons and Corruption no longer an err in our conscience. Who would not wish for this?
In order to realize this, we need manpower, we need Africans, we need you we need me and
we need us. We need a silicon Savannah.
Africa is the silicon Savannah and we are the blades of grass that give Savannah its meaning. However, that is not all we need for the Savannah has also to be lit with knowledge. The Savannah has to burn with the desire to transform this continent. All it takes is for a lit blade of grass to light up the next blade and as sure that nothing spreads as first as bush fire, soon and very soon our Savannah will be up in flames of knowledge in IT and technology. And Bingo!
What once was a laughing stock will be a stock of ideas and success.
We are the lit blades of grass and we undertake to light the other blades. We take Computer Science to High Schools, we pledge to not only inspire but train, not only motivate but activate, not only pledge but indeed make a change. This we will accomplish through the computer science for High school project. Come and lets set the Savannah ablaze.

Who Are We

Silicon Blaze is a student run initiative incorporating a social agenda to spread Computer programming literacy in High schools.

Who can join us

Anyone with an interest in technology and who subscribes to the creed that you are never too small to make a difference.