Still blazing, still blazing

Necessity was and it still is the mother of innovation.
Come to think of it,how would the world be without Facebook and Whatsapp?.Or wait a minute,did I start from a high note?..Okay,what would the world be without voice calls,text messages,emails,no TV,no series,no movies,no Empire,no Zuckerberg,no Bill gates,no me writing this blog, no nothing absolutely.
Now,take a back seat,turn low the volume on your stereo,switching it off wouldn’t do any harm either ,then delve into this next clause.

Siliconblaze is on and it’s lit!Just before I hint on who we are,allow me to make you believe that the future of our Nation and the African dream lies entirely on your hands.I wouldn’t let that be cause for debate,I occlude discussions on that,but the question stands,WHAT ROLE ARE YOU PLAYING IN THE TRANSFORMATION OF YOUR COUNTRY?

Siliconblaze is the community where you should be today. We are a team of young enthusiasts,from different professional backgrounds,who share a common dream,that of transforming our society through Computer Programming.Computer programming is simple and fun to do.It is simply instructing a computer to perform a certain task using lines of code.From the most basic of applications like a simple calculator simulator to Mpesa to Sportpesa and to the most complex systems like Robotics,Computer programming is their mama.Siliconblaze exposes young minds to this nature of knowledge.We select a high school of choice and teach those students how to come up with simple sites for their communities.We teach two programming languages for starters,Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to spark their interest in programming.The sessions are done once every week in the most logistically accepted way.Siliconblaze also organizes bootcamps(An extensive session on coding with wide coverage of a Programming Language of choice).Advertisements on these are circulated via various media including posters and our official social media platforms.
Membership to Siliconblaze is not restricted to University students but is open to anyone with the will to share knowledge,and most especially,share the common dream of African Transformation.

Siliconblaze welcomes you aboard!

Post by
Davis Osiemo
Siliconblaze Lover!


5 thoughts on “Still blazing, still blazing

  1. Good work. We would like to see some success stories of people being able to apply what you teach and this will be great. Keep up doing good things!


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