Of all the schools we have visited so far as siliconBlaze none  was like Victorian’s Girls High School. We all grew to fall in love with this school.

On a almost half an acre piece of land, a few meters form the Eastern Bypass in Ruiru, sits a school humble in its appearance but full of pride and wealth in its Ideals. What would easily pass as rental houses at  a first glance is Victorian Girls High School.

It was Sunday March 6th 1100 Hrs E.A time when I first set foot at this school. This was the last school in my mind as I had literally walked from Juja to Ruiru asking every school to allow us teach its students Computer programming. Not once or twice was I met with a blunt no plus a “remember to close the door before you leave. ” This was to go on and on.

I hadn’t heard of this School Victorian’s Girls before  and as I walked to the main office amid curious stares from all over the balconies. I kept on praying that at least, I am given an ear. However, I was not only given an ear but an appointment to come teach at 2:00 Hrs same day. Word quickly spread to all Silicon Blazers back in Juja who were also in the same mission of looking for a School and in no siliconbalzers were all in matatus headed to Victorians Girls.

Mr. Maiyo; The awesome gentleman who had allowed us to teach his students despite the short notice, was all eager and had even halted  every other school program and directed all interested students to the school dinning hall where we had to have our session. We walked into a multitude of eager students, and soon the room turned into a bee hive of activities, from singing games to playing with the hypertext makeup language (as Faizah would first say when asked what HTML stands for).

To our surprise the students hadn’t any prior knowledge of computing (what a hard place to start on especially if we were to teach them computer programming), however this didn’t seem to limit there imaginations as I could hear them discus on how to make a software to solve corruption (as they so say). As a patient mother watches a child slowly start to crawl before she can walk her to town or send her on errands, we slowly watched this awesome ladies start to crawl in HTML and we surely didn’t need to be prophets to know that among them will definitely rise an awesome computer programmer.

hardly did we notice nightfall approaching, the two hours we had planned for turned into 3 hours of coding, fun and play. Sadly, we had to stop and as we left this eager and inspired lot someone stood up and asked a question, a question I think every Kenyan should answer, “Why do we still have to dream of a silicon Savannah while we actualize it with the skills we have?”

published by Pius Dan Nyongesa

BSC. CS student at JKUAT

founder and president SiliconBlaze

follow @PiusNyongesa


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